It’s a Wrap!

I stamp on everything! ( because I freely admit that I am a terrible wrapper, so I figure it’s perfectly OK to make it up with lots of embellishments…lol)

So here’s some ideas for the wrapping paper challenged…

1. Stamp all over your paper ( the penguins) and I colored a few….

2. Stamp within a larger image ( the tree and gingerbread man)

This was really quick to do…I stamped multiple images at a time. The tree ornaments are stamped directly onto my              wrapped package, the gingerbread is done on a separate piece of paper, cut out and taped onto the package.

3 . Stamp on ribbon ( Mine is stamped in white on red ribbon, using my Misti, because I needed to go over two or three times to get a really white image.)  Don’t have ribbon? No worries… the white ‘ribbon’ is just a strip of paper, stamped and then edged with some glitzy trim..

The images I used: All Lawn Fawn stamps

Ribbon: For you….Love You A Latte, Star….Joy to the Woods

Tree: Ornaments, Bow…..Joy to the Woods, Heart…..Sweet Christmas, Pine….Deck the Halls

Gingerbread:Candy Cane,Lollies, Peppermint candy…Sweet Christmas

Penguins: Winter Penguin, Toboggan Together



Author: ginapiazza

I sew, quilt, cross stitch, embroider. I paint, draw, color, and sculpt! I've been an artist my whole life. I love papercrafting, it's a wonderful medium to create with.

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